Worlds Greatest Shave 2017 #teamlozzn

Worlds Greatest Shave 2017 #teamlozzn

I really don’t know what category this post fits into on my blog but it’s something I’m feeling really passionate about and what to talk to you all about, the Worlds Greatest Shave 2017.

So guess what Surprise! I’m getting rid of my hair, it’s something I’ve been working toward for a long time and also kinda worried about for a long time. Worlds Greatest Shave 2017 is on March 16-19 and this year I will be joining in on the fun.

But she’s already shaved half her hair, so what’s the big deal? I hear you ask. I’ve watched friends do this and I’ve donated before and I always said that’ll never be me… My hair is my pride and joy I could never shave it all off (cue years later and I end up shaving half of it off because fashion. Ha the irony) . In 2013 my friend was diagnosed with cancer not luekaemia but to me that doesn’t matter it all sucks, my lovely friend Karlee lost her battle in January 2014 and that was the year I stopped colouring my hair I decided I would get it back to natural and hopefully grow the balls to cut it off and donate to make someone a wig. Because after years of saying that’ll never happen, my hair is my pride and joy, it’s so luscious and thick, it makes me who I am, defines my femininity, how could I shave it all off, I couldn’t be pretty without my hair. One day it snapped, someone facing cancer is still feeling all these feelings about their hair and their identity without their hair the only exception is, they don’t have a choice. It’s lose you hair and pray that treatment can save or keep your head and lose your life. So if they can fight this battle, then why can’t I do something that is so temporary to my life.

The thing is I’ve realised it’s only hair it grows, it’s temporary everything in life is temporary including you and I. So here I am pleadging to help in the only way I know how and ask you help me to achieve these goals. I would like to raise $5000 now this a BIG number I know! However collectively over my blog socials, Facebook friends, family and friends there is a tribe of more than 4000 people now if I could those 4000 people to give up 1 cup of coffee let’s say that’s an average cup at $3.50, this week and donate that money to me shaving my hair that would be $14000 dollars. Now I know not everyone can afford to do that and I’m not expecting all of you to donate but if 1/2 of my tribe could donate the worth of a cup of coffee to me doing the Worlds Greatest Shave that’s still more than my target.

So what do we say tribe can we get this party started and help me to help someone else? Of course I will be keeping you all up to date on my fundraising and eventually the big day where I get rid of this mop. So I would love for you to join me on Facebook and Insta @lozzn and follow the journey! If you would like to share this post with your family and friends too so I can reach my goals that would be incredible!

If you can help please head to my Worlds Greatest Shave profile, every little bit helps me achieve my goal. If you share anything on social media use #teamlozzn so I can see it!

lozzn x

Thanks to Kayla @ Forbidden Outcast Photography for my lovely feature photos.


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