The Eating Edit: Isle of Voyage

The Eating Edit: Isle of Voyage

Isle of Voyage is a cafe/restaurant in the heritage listed building that was moved down to Elizabeth Quay



I found myself in Elizabeth Quay on Sunday after wandering the city taking blog photos looking for somewhere to eat, most of the cafe/restaurants were packed as Arcadia was on. Isle of Voyage wasn’t overly busy and the menu sounded lovely so we decided it was worth a try, I did what I always do when I haven’t tried a venue I pulled it up on yelp to see what others have said about it. The reviews were pretty mixed for its short time open but it looked like it had potential as its reviews had improved from the last few months.


We walked in the entrance and immediately you see the buffet with fresh looking salads and a table full of muffins and cakes looked so luxe sitting on the white buffets in the centre of the room. I thought to my self the food looks so lucky I don’t think we can go wrong here, I had high hopes. We were greeted and asked where we wanted to sit, the restaurant only had about 6 other tables of guests so we pretty much had a whole restaurant to choose from we sat by the window, The white wood and Blue scheme was simple yet vibrant at the same time which I loved the contrast of modern contemporary against the old heritage listed exterior. Thats about where the absolute WOW factor stopped for me at Isle of Voyage, this Restaurant has so much potential but it just falls short on most marks.

Once seated we were told out waiter would be over soon with water and to take our orders. We decided on what we were going to order went to looks at what we were going to drink only to realise we had no drinks list, so we stacked our menus up and kept chatting thinking the waiter would be over any minute, it was at least 10 mins before out waiter came across with water who then asked if we would like more time to choose. I replied that we were ready to order and we had been sitting here a while with our menus stacked up waiting, he didn’t seem too fussed. We ordered and were told that they had already run out of the cauliflower salad, which is what we really wanted with our meal.. I wouldn’t expect a restaurant to be out of a daily salad so early into the dinner service. Anyway we repeated our order and then asked if we could have a drinks list as we didn’t get one with our menus, he replied that there should be one with the menus and started looked though the pile of menus I had neatly stacked on the side of the table. If there had been one I wouldn’t have asked, so he leaves the pile of menus and goes off to find one.

Drinks order is placed and arrives quickly, then our food thats about all we see of the staff. Nobody stops to ask how our meals are, or if we’d like more drinks with our meal. I mentioned to our table that there was plenty of staff presence but they didn’t see to be present, the other guests with me agreed. They all seemed to be wandering around but not doing much at all, I wouldn’t mind having to call someone over to ask for drinks if they were all run off their feet busy.

I ordered the Gnocchi and mum ordered the Fishcakes with the Pumpkin, Red Onion with tahini dressing salad and the Pistachio Cous Cous Salad and we planned to share. I wish I hadn’t agreed to share as the Gnocchi was really lovely and fluffy not over dress with sugo and cherry tomatoes which I really enjoyed. The rest of the meal I found a bit lacking, it wasn’t bad but every element on the plate felt like it was lacking something, including most of the presentation to be just really something quite special. I did say whilst eating the pumpkin salad that I wasn’t a fan on the skin left on, mum also agreed. The Fishcakes were quiet bland with out the Sugo and homemade tartare sauce which is how my friend ordered his and said they were also quiet dry without the sauce. He ordered his with potatoes that were covered in a green sauce (I didn’t read what it was on the menu and I couldn’t work out what the flavours were when I tried one) the potatoes were nice but the sauce completely over powered them, would have been better with just a touch of salt and a bit of oil.



As the waiter cleared our plates we were asked if we would like coffee or dessert which we declined, after clearing our plates another 5 mins passed before we finally were offered another drink we ended up declining and getting the bill. I really wanted to love Isle of Voyage as much as I loved the moment I stepped in the door but as you can see it just fell so short on levels which just made it a nice restaurant instead of something amazing like it has the potential to be. I would go back to Isle of Voyage if I was at the Quay looking for something to eat but I won’t be rushing back there just because.


lozzn xx

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