F45 Morley

Recently as you may have seen on my Facebook and Instagram a friend of mine has opened F45 Morley a F45 Training Gym and I have been attending a few classes. I was offered a free 14 day trial however this is not a sponsored post this is the same opportunity everyone is offered with

Monday Musings

I sort of just wanted to have a little chat with you guys about life for me at the moment. As you know I started this blog a year after I started my original blog, I had BIG ideas and BIG plans for this blog. Hell I had BIG plans and BIG ideas for 2016. As

The Eating Edit: Livingston’s Urban Jungle

I was wandering through the Perth Cultural Centre when I notice a new coffee shop where the gelato place used to be. I noticed the little recycle palettes and old mismatched tables and chairs, at first I thought it was part of Fringe World however when I realised it wasn’t I had to try a

The Entertainment Edit: Fringe World Venue – The Parrott House.

Fringe World opens TODAY! If you know me personally you know that in 2012 I discovered Fringe World and quickly became an addict. In 2012 Checkout the Muscial was the first Fringe show I saw that year and little did I know by 2015 I would see more than 20 shows in a season. I

Hello, Welcome to my new corner of the web.

Hi, I’m Lauren and ‘Life with lozzn’ is my new corner of the web. In December 2014 wholesale nfl jerseys after 6 months of Beauty Blogging on my Instagram I decided I needed my own corner of the web to talk Beauty and Makeup, in July 2015 I successfully relocated that to its current location