Monday Musings – Changes & F45 8 Week Challenge

Monday Musings – Changes & F45 8 Week Challenge

So its time for my second instalment of Monday Musings I want to talk about the changes of the last 6 months, starting my F45 8 Week Challenge. Granted the last Monday Musings was a long time ago but its also been a long time since I’ve update this blog or my other.
The last few months have been long for me, with self issues, family issues, break downs, break ups and all the fun that goes with life. I found myself moving in with some friends temporarily and on a path of less and less to no exercise and terribly decedant and often very unhealthy food choices. Since April I have almost reached 80kgs again and have been unhappy about my unhealthy life changes. So I’m making the commitment starting today… To make the changes.

I started training again only to dislocate my knee a few days later, I thought this was the end of my great plan to start my 8 week challenge today. Luckily it was not a bad issue and once the swelling went down I had the all clear to get back into my training, I realised that this wasn’t the end of the world. It might slow me but it certainly wasn’t going to stop me from making to change.

I would ultimately like to make more of a commitment to my blogs however I have just not had the time to do that as much as I would like. Im hoping that once I’ve made the lifestyle change and settled into that my blogging will fall right back into place.

There is 33 days until I head away on a girls trip with 2 friends to bali for 5 days and I cannot wait for the break, although its right in the middle of my challenge at the gym and I will have to watch my eating and drinking. I cannot wait to lay by the pool and enjoy some good weather, and hopefully a little bit of shopping too.

So lastly back to the F45 8 week Challenge before I go, its 8 weeks. I am making the commitment to focus on my eating habits and getting back into the gym min 4 times a week but aiming to make 6 classes a week for the 8 weeks minus the days I’m on holidays. I will update with my progress results at half way point and the end to keep myself accountable.

My start results are:
Size – 14
Weight -78kg
Body Fat % – 44.2
Skeletal Muscle Mass – 24kg

Neck – 31.1cm
Chest – 101.1cm
Abdomen – 101.5cm
Hip – 101.8cm
Arms -35cm
Thighs – 58cm

F45 8 Week Challenge BEFORE

Looking at my before photos I am really disppointed at myself when i was in such good fitness and shape no more than 6 months ago but that is life sometimes you fall off the wagon, the important thing is that you get back on again.

What are my goals for this challenge? First and most important one for me is not the weightloss but getting my base fitness level back to where it was in April Continued. I would like to see myself drop 4-6% body fat and at least 8kg. So keep me honest if you see me eating terrible things in the next 8 weeks slap it out of my hand and say NO. Id also love to hear from other people doing the challenge and we can push each other and support each other here too.

Ok I’m out for this Monday.

lozzn x




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