Fashion Hair Cuts

Fashion Hair Cuts

So if you’ve been following me for a while you will know I had lovely long locks and one day in early October last year I decided to shave half of my hair off. Now this wasn’t a rash, sudden decision, well it kind of was, but I’ll explain. I had been thinking about this style for months and months, however I knew it was a big commitment. I had changed my hair a lot over the years, even cutting into a super short at the back, long at the front bob at one stage, which I loved at the time but was HELL to grow back. Once I spent 3 years growing that back, I swore I would never do anything too drastic that would require that much maintenance or time to grow back when I got bored of it. So I knew that I had a number of things to think through like, can I tie my hair back and cover it, to look professional at work too? Then one day sitting in the hairdressers chair I finally just came to the decision that it was now or never; I had to make the choice, if you do it today you love it and live with it, or you never do it. Now or Never! And Honestly I haven’t looked back, yes the maintenance does suck a little sometimes when you’ve having to shave approximately every 3 weeks to keep it neat and tidy and it is a little costly when you add all that maintenance up. However, here we are almost 6 months later and zero regrets.


So, things you need to consider with a drastic fashion cut like shaving half your head off:

1. Think about it thoroughly.

Don’t just go into the hairdressers one day and say “shave the side, give me an undercut, or cut my luscious long locks into a bob!” Think about it, add up your pros and cons. Then, if you still want it.. Go for it!! Theres nothing worse than hating your new do and knowing that you have to spend the next year growing it back out again.

2. Think about maintenance.

Are you going to have to go back to the hairdressers every 2 weeks for root touch ups, to tidy up your shave or keep those bangs out of your eyes. Is this going to be an inconvenience/are you going to have the funds to maintain this awesome hairstyle you now have.

3. Does it fit in with your lifestyle

One thing I know I had to think about was work, we have quite specific grooming standards at work. If I couldn’t tie it back so that you couldn’t see the shaved side whilst working then it was a no go! So it was something I had to thoroughly chat with my hairdresser about before we cut it.

4. What happens when I don’t want it anymore

Thinking to the future is important when you shave half, have an undercut, or even a crazy colour. What happens when I don’t want it anymore, with a colour you may not be able to go straight to the next colour you want, if you have blue you won’t be able to immediately go back to a natural blonde etc. If you have a side shave or an undercut, you have to grow it back to the length of the rest of you hair and that’s going to take time. Lots and lots of time, I know the triangle under cut is popular right now, butt that is going to be such an awkward patch to grow back so its something to consider before you do cut it.


So if you have thoroughly thought these things through, and you still want to have that fashion cut or that wild hair colour, I say go for it! Its only hair, it will grow back.. Eventually. I had an A line bob about 5 years back, that took me about 3 years to grow out and although I loved it when i first got it eventually I got bored of the maintenance and having to style it every morning when I got up. So if you do it, just enjoy it!

lozzn xx

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