F45 Morley

F45 Morley

Recently as you may have seen on my Facebook and Instagram a friend of mine has opened F45 Morley a F45 Training Gym and I have been attending a few classes. I was offered a free 14 day trial however this is not a sponsored post this is the same opportunity everyone is offered with F45.

IMG_2685(Photo from F45 Morley’s Instagram)

As you may or may not know, over the last 2 years I have lost appox 20Kg this has not been an easy task! The first 18 months I spent outside of a gym because it was just uncomfortable. I would train with a PT who would train me in his home gym and go to a Sweat Session (a fitness class in the park) once a week. I would slog my ass off at home wearing a 10kg weight vest doing all my squats and worked myself onto moving my butt up and down the staircase more affectionately known as Jacobs Ladder, up and down up and down up and down…. And that was great for a while until my PT finally looked at me and said Lauren there are only so many weights we can move in my shed one day if you want to improve yourself you are going to have to go to a Gym. My worst nightmare… Until he actually took me to a gym. We trained at snap for a session or two and I really didn’t enjoy it. Then we started training at Inner City Fitness which I absolutely love! My progress has Improved tenfold I’m going back to my own gym at Anytime Fitness more often. However this isn’t about that! This is about F45 so lets skip to what we are actually here to talk about…

IMG_2686(After doing two back to back Hollywood classes with trainer Tim & Trainer/Gym owner Cecelia)

F45 is a 45 minute circuit based class gym that combines Functional training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is RIGHT up my alley pretty much everything I have been doing with my PT over the last 2 years. Its on the more expensive side for a gym but if you need that extra push in a group setting with awesome personal trainers running these classes then F45 is definitely for you. Cecelia and the team at F45 Morley push you to your limits everyday, if you can’t do a certain exercise they will tweak the workout with something you can do. If your slacking off they know and will push you to go your hardest, there is no way of getting away from it.

The best thing about F45 is everyday is a different workout and every fitness level can do it. It all depends on how hard you push yourself during your workout, too easy..? Add more weight! My favourite sessions are the Hollywood and the Romans. Im currently having a week off while I go to nightshift for a week but I cannot wait to get back into it! Although getting up at 5am to be at the gym for a 6am class is hard some mornings I am loving the amount of energy I have after just two weeks.


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