Monday Musings – Define, Halfway Point

Monday Musings – Define, Halfway Point

Define, Halfway point..

Can you believe it we are at the halfway mark for my F45 8 week challenge – Define, Halfway point. Seriously I cannot believe how fast thats gone, so how am I going you ask? Ok is the answer. I feel like in some ways its gone great in other ways its been a struggle, if you read my last post you’ll see the targets I set myself. That first week was a MASSIVE struggle i made it 4 times, the following couple of weeks i managed to make it closer to the 6 days a week and a couple of those sessions I did a session with my Personal Trainer then headed to F45 to do a session too free viagra sample pack. The 6am classes have been torture to walk upto in the morning but I have made them work, by the time I drive 30 mins to the gym I’m mostly awake. The last week I feel bad cause I’ve taken some time off but I have been feeling under the weather and its just as important to be well rested to avoid injury so I can’t be too hard on myself.

lite n easy breakfast

Food has been a big part of the challenge almost as much if not more than getting my fitness level back, I started out the challenge doing lite n easy which I was going to do for the first few weeks until I got back into the swing of eating 3 balanced meals a day. However I only ended up doing that the first week as I felt it was giving me what I wanted and was quite sugar and carb heavy, so it was back to the cooking board of weekly meal prep which so far has being going great. Next 4 weeks are going to be a challenge I am off to Bali next fortnight (expect instagram posts and hopefully a few new blogs.) so I will have to be careful about what I eat and drink while I am there and get a few good walks done the beach.

So stats, this is where I feel great about everything Ive done these last four weeks and then suddenly feel like a failure because I didn’t get the results I was expecting. It really hit hard because I had my heart on certain numbers, ones I didn’t even come close to achieving. I really had to step back and think about it, it was then I realised I was focusing on the wrong numbers. Yes, you heard me the wrong numbers.. Yes I only lost .4% body fat and I wanted two. However 4 weeks ago I was going a 2 sets of 6x 50kg deadlift, and this week I did 2 sets of 4x 75kg deadlifts. That is something to be proud of, it’s easy to get disappointed by the numbers on the scale but I need to focus on all the progress. I’m also proud that a 45 minute session doesn’t feel as hard as it did 4 weeks ago and some days I feel like I could go longer.

lauren Strong

In the spirit of transparency I’ll still be sharing my results, but I just want to remind my readers that numbers do not define you. Be proud of other things like running an extra 300m without stopping, doing an extra session in the week, lifting a heavier weight or eating a little better. So… The stats

My start results are:
Size – 12/14
Weight – 75.5kg ( < 2.7kg)
Body Fat % – 43.8 (<0.4%)
Skeletal Muscle Mass – 23.2 kg (<0.8kg)

Neck – 36.3cm (< 0.8cm)
Chest – 98.3cm (<2.8cm)
Abdomen -96.9cm (<4.6cm)
Hip – 104.3cm (<1.5cm)
Arms – 34.1cm (0.9cm)
Thighs – 58cm (0cm)

Im happy to see some progress even if it wasn’t what I had hoped, any progress is a step to the right direction. Im off to Bali so ill let you know how I keep doing that time, If you see me encourage me to make the right choices so I don’t fall behind haha.

Lauren Gymface
Post gym, feeling knackered

lozzn xx

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