Monday Musings – Define, Halfway Point

Define, Halfway point.. Can you believe it we are at the halfway mark for my F45 8 week challenge – Define, Halfway point. Seriously I cannot believe how fast thats gone, so how am I going you ask? Ok is the answer. I feel like in some ways its gone great in other ways its

Monday Musings – Changes & F45 8 Week Challenge

So its time for my second instalment of Monday Musings I want to talk about the changes of the last 6 months, starting my F45 8 Week Challenge. Granted the last Monday Musings was a long time ago but its also been a long time since I’ve update this blog or my other. The last

Monday Musings

I sort of just wanted to have a little chat with you guys about life for me at the moment. As you know I started this blog a year after I started my original blog, I had BIG ideas and BIG plans for this blog. Hell I had BIG plans and BIG ideas for 2016. As