Worlds Greatest Shave 2017 #teamlozzn

I really don’t know what category this post fits into on my blog but it’s something I’m feeling really passionate about and what to talk to you all about, the Worlds Greatest Shave 2017. So guess what Surprise! I’m getting rid of my hair, it’s something I’ve been working toward for a long time and

Monday Musings – Define, Halfway Point

Define, Halfway point.. Can you believe it we are at the halfway mark for my F45 8 week challenge – Define, Halfway point. Seriously I cannot believe how fast thats gone, so how am I going you ask? Ok is the answer. I feel like in some ways its gone great in other ways its

Bloggers United AU: Perth Event 2016

So I thought I would do a little post about the Bloggers United AU: Perth Event 2016, this is my second year attending this event. Bloggers United AU is a groups of wonderful girls who were brought together by Founders Jasmine & Nikita and their motto is Connecting Bloggers, Vloggers and Social Media Gurus and boy do

Monday Musings – Changes & F45 8 Week Challenge

So its time for my second instalment of Monday Musings I want to talk about the changes of the last 6 months, starting my F45 8 Week Challenge. Granted the last Monday Musings was a long time ago but its also been a long time since I’ve update this blog or my other. The last

Monday Musings

I sort of just wanted to have a little chat with you guys about life for me at the moment. As you know I started this blog a year after I started my original blog, I had BIG ideas and BIG plans for this blog. Hell I had BIG plans and BIG ideas for 2016. As

The Entertainment Edit: Fringe World Venue – The Parrott House.

Fringe World opens TODAY! If you know me personally you know that in 2012 I discovered Fringe World and quickly became an addict. In 2012 Checkout the Muscial was the first Fringe show I saw that year and little did I know by 2015 I would see more than 20 shows in a season. I