The Bali Edit: What’s in my bag? 

The Bali Edit: What’s in my bag? 

Time for The Bali Edit: “What’s in my bag”? I hear you ask, A lot I had to Tetris the crap out of my bags to get everything I wanted to take into my 7kg of hand luggage and I was just over (200g) oops

here are the key things I took in my bag to Bali. Let me know if you’d like more “The Bali Edit” posts like the Villa We stayed at or places I love to eat.

The Bali Edit: What's in my bag? 1

Camera: A good Blogger never leaves home without her camera of course! I bought a new camera just before I left remember to bring the box, receipt and camera if you buy one over $200 within 60days before travelling. I was a good sister and gave my little brother my Canon G7x as an early Xmas gift before he headed off for 3 week, so I used this oppportunity to upgrade to the Canon G5x so I’m keen to be able to have a play and get know my new camera.

Phone: I don’t head anywhere without my phone, although it will stay on flight mode whilst away because international roaming is soo expensive, there free wifi almost anywhere you travel these days with things like Facebook and whatsapp it’s easy to stay in touch with anyone you need to. Plus music for the plane and to keep me entertained.

iPad: I brought this to write this blog on the flight over so I had a bigger keyboard than my phone, but with idiot forgot to download the WordPress app before she left so she could do just that? Me, yes that would be me. Facepalm. It’s ok I’ll download it on the way back.

Laptop: I want to use this opportunity with my downtime to get some serious blogging so it was key that I brought this with me so I can edit, and write new posts!

Powerpack & cables: when you have this much tech with you gotta remember all the cables and the powerpack is great for making sure you don’t run out of charge during the day whilst out and about. Can’t miss that perfect Insta shot hehe.

Sunnies: I lose sunnies all the time and 1/2 the time I forget to wear them but trying to make a concious effort to wear them most often. I just have a UV rated pair from the chemist and a pair from Rubi Shoes.

Water: I never used to be a big water drinker but always when Im travelling I will have a fresh bottled water. It’s not so hard to remember to take now that I drink 2+ litres a day anyway. Especially travelling to areas like Bali where their tap water isn’t drinkable always have a bottle of water handy. The Humid, hot weather also dehydrated you FAST!

Tissues: because you never know when you might need a tissue ladies especially, you know what I’m talking about!

Passport, Money, Wallet ect: Important to remember to pack all these things but also just important these days to have things like skim proof pouches for cards, passports ect in a day and age where its so easy to have things skimmed from your accounts.

Clothes and Shoes: I always seem to over pack on the clothes front and I always take 1 pair of flats plus a pair of sneakers incase you wanna take a day trip where will be doing a lot of walking More Help. Dresses are lovely in the Bali but when you a bit heavy set like me the thigh chafe gets bad! So always have a pair of shorts for when it gets bad, because no point feeling uncomfortable you won’t enjoy you time.

Bathers: Hello can anyone say POOL DAY with Cocktails (or Mocktails in my case for this trip haha) I try to always pack two pairs so one set can be drying, I personally hate getting into damp bathers.

Toiletries: Remember if you are only going down the carry on route like I have to make sure your toiletries are under 100ml otherwise you won’t get them through customs!

The Bali Edit:  Waterfall Bali

Well I think thats about it this “The Bali Edit”, what can’t you travel without?

lozzn x

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