Jar Noodle Soup

Jar Noodle Soup

I love my Mi Goreng as much as the girl next to me, but lets be honest it has no nutritional value at all. So after seeing someone post about Jar Noodle Soup I had to give it a shot. I love noodle soups in winter and these are a great alternative to other winter comfort foods I feel the need for like hot chips. These are so easy to make and they are not overly expensive to make, obviously your first batch is going to be a little more expensive if you don’t keep the stables in the cupboard like red curry paste and stock cubes but if you don’t you’ll have plenty left over for you next batch. I bought 10 Jars for $20 otherwise start saving and recycling them with foods from your pantry.

Jar Soup

So I made 6 of these with the ingredients I purchased they work out to be $6 per jar which is much cheaper than buying lunch at work every day. I had lots of left overs that I can use for other meals or my next batch of these so they won’t be as expensive next time.

Jar Soup 2


Red Curry Paste – $4.30
Stock Cubes – $3.30
Mushrooms – $4.00
2 packets Vermicelli Rice Noodles $1.00ea
Bok Choi – $4.00
Shredded carrot $3.00
Bean Shoots – $3.00
Kaffir Lime Leaves – $3.00
Lime – $2.00
Whole cooked Chicken  – $10.00

I added a half tea spoon of curry paste and half a stock cube (these were 2 cup cubes, if you use smaller ones use 1 cup worth) into each jar, then added 2 sliced mushrooms, shredded some of the chicken in. Packed in the vermicelli noodles, added 2 lime leaves, a handful of shredded bok choi, bean shoots, carrot and popped a slice of lime on top and sealed shut. When I’m ready to eat I just top it up with boiling water and left it stand for 2-4 minutes. If you get jars with a wide enough opening you could eat it out of the jar or you could just pour it into a bowl to enjoy.

You can add just about anything to these like corriander, lemongrass, or switch out the chicken for super thinly sliced pork or beef. Im going to try a few different variations in the next few weeks.

I had half of all the veggies I bought and half a chicken left after I finished making these and plenty of stock and curry paste for next time. So I plan on using those for dinners later during the week. The comfort of noodles with out all the nasties of Mi Goreng or 2 minute noodles. Seriously simple meal prep for when you run a busy lifestyle and you can keep these in the fridge for upto a week.

Let me know if you have any other jar soup recipes I should try.

lozzn xx

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